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Komal Panwar


These 70 Girls Get the Best Surprise Ever!

  • JWB Post
  •  November 30, 2015


What’s one food you can always eat irrespective of how full your little tummy is? Drooling yet? For me that would be either Chicken or Maggi!

Feeding India secretly asked seventy girls at Khushi (a shelter home at New Delhi) to tell them what food they wish to eat but could never afford it?

Feeding India then organized “Choti si Aasha” on Children’s Day where they invited celebrity chefs to cook these meals for them personally.

While the kids were busy playing indoor games and being themselves, they were surprised with balloons that the chefs brought!

“It was such a joyful experience and a very touching one. We made paneer kathi roll, pudding, French fries, burgers and every dish the children had wished for. Not only the dishes, we even made sure that their plates were full and we helped them with second serving as well,” Chef Basu said.

Srishti Jain of Feeding India said, “There were wraps, pizzas and doughnuts which are easily accessible to most kids in urban cities today. However, we were surprised to know that these girls had never tasted these dishes. Some kids had never seen doughnuts.”

Watch the video to see their reactions!

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