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Himanshu Roy

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These Children Authors Pledge To Fight Bigotry The Right Way

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  •  November 22, 2016


As we all know, earlier this month America voted to select its president. But what shocked the entire world was their choice of commander-in-chief!

Yes, I am talking about Donald Trump and his abominable policies, which if implemented might take away the very essence of America and all that it stands for.

But if you thought that winning the elections would give Trump a free hand and quell all the dissent, you might wanna think again. And yes, I am not talking about the anti-Trump protests, but a movement by children’s book authors who have pledged their support for everyone who is in danger of being in the president’s line of fire.

Hundreds of children’s books authors who are part of the website The Brown Bookshelf, which raises awareness about African-American children’s book authors, have posted a joint statement on the website.

In the statement, they have said that the current presidential election is a clear indication of bigotry which has entrenched the nation and that they will continue to speak against it.

The initiative managed to strike a chord with many children’s authors including Kelly Starling Lyons, Tameka Fryer Brown, Tracey Baptiste and Jerry Craft.

Later, they were also joined by national award-winning author Jacqueline Woodson and several other renowned names.

In the pledge, these authors have stated that they will be using their talents and the powerful medium of children’s literature to eliminate the fear and insecurity among people. This if further ignored will result in bigotry after having already done enough damage by electing a moron as the president of America.

This initiative is definitely one-of-a-kind since children’s literature has an opportunity to connect directly with young minds, which are looking at the world with awe and curiosity.

If children are acquainted with ideas such as equality and co-existence, it is obvious that they will become sensible and happy providing a safe and promising environment for others too.

You can read the full pledge here.

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