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Jayati Godhawat

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This Remix Of Beyonce’s Hit Single “Formation” Is Powerful & Inspiring AF

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  •  March 25, 2016


Beyoncé’s single Formation became an instant hit for being a call for women solidarity and its powerful message about race, identity and black culture.

Ernestine Johnson was so inspired by the singer’s message that she reinterpreted a song into a poem appealing to women of the world to unite through sisterhood.

In her poem, also titled Formation, Johnson advocates a powerful message on sisterhood and need for stronger unity by identifying herself in the video as a “truth teller” and not a poet.

She recites, “OK, now ladies, let’s get in formation. Prove to me you’ve got some cooperation.”

“Let’s link up with our sisters and help each other get our ideas started. Let’s put in the groundwork and build up our networks.”

The video showcases two little black girls with afros embracing each other with hugs; playing and dancing together representing the need for solidarity amongst women.

Johnson says,

“Women, we are inventors, creators and debaters.”

“Together we are unstoppable. The perfect definition of powerful.”

Beautiful and empowering!

Ain’t it?

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