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When IWB Girls Had Sizzling Cheesgasms At The Olive Restaurant During Work Lunch

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  •  February 2, 2017


‘One two three’ in Spanish has turned into an olive. Didn’t make any sense?

Let me explain again!

The popular café in Jaipur, , is now the Olive Restaurant. (Like, Jaipur Women Blog is also now Indian Women Blog. See, what I did here? LOL!)

So, this week the Indian Women Blog Brigade visited the Olive Restaurant to try out the new menu.

Welcomed by the Persian inspired roof paintings and the mirror work lampshades, the ambiance of Olive is soothing and fresh.

“Come on guys! Let’s get to the fooodddd… You can take those selfies later, yaar. I’m famished,” I called out to Anvita and Mansi, who were busy posing and pouting for their Snapchat.

Image result for rolling my eyes gifs


The executive chef, Surendra Kumar Bhatt was suggesting us their specialties, and I swear, I saw Anvita drooling when the chef recommended the Ferrero Rocher shake.

We all had our eyes on the shake as it arrived.


While we were busy sucking in the last sip of the shake, Akshit, our photographer, sat across us sipping the Green Apple Mojito.

“Wow, this is so refreshing, try this, too!” he offered, but we were already fighting for the Ferrero Rocher that came as the garnish on top.

I think they saw how much we loved the shake, which is why they even served us another round it. Jackpot!

For starters, we were served Dahi Kebab and Shanghai Mushroom.

The chef especially recommended Dahi Kebab and claimed that it’s not like we had tasted before.

And, he was right. Not only did they look different from what Dahi Kebab normally looks like, the taste was also different. It was like cheese balls, except that they had a filling of cold hung curd.

“I thought they were golgappas,” Mansi said taking a mouthful of the yummy kebab.

While the Dahi Kebabs were mildly spiced and just melted in the mouth, Shanghai Mushroom was spicy, fiery and a must-try for the chili lovers.

Here, I was busy wiping my plate off so as to make room for the main course, and Mansi was posing for the camera. Damn you, Akshit!

For the main course, we had the Sizzling Fajitas, Kesariya Paneer with Laccha Naan and Canneloni Ai Spinach.

The sizzling sound of the Fajitas was tempting enough to tease our tastebuds.

Like OMG!

I might sound biased, but it was my favorite dish of all.

“Kesar is adding a very rich flavor to this creamy Paneer preparation. I’ll ask the chef for the recipe,” Anvita announced and we looked at her and gave her the ‘Yeah right bro’ look.

Canneloni Ai Spinach was overloaded with cheese, and Akshit kept aside his camera and helped himself with a spoonful of the dish.

And then came Anvita’s cheesgasm, LOLOL!

In fact, we were all so cheese-drunk by the end that I had no idea of what I was doing!

I don’t know why I decided to feed Mansi in this crazy way.  *embarrassed*

 “Jayati, you don’t put the fork in someone’s mouth like that. It’s sharp,” Mansi gave me a stern glare, and I tried to calm her down with a puppy face.

Image result for puppy face gifs


Anyhoo, it was a perfect lunch date with my work-friends where we talked about life, marriages, Taj Mahal (Well, Mansi is from Agra), types of beer, etc., and the delicious food and relaxing ambiance only added to our already heightened spirits.


  • Olive Restaurant has an ample parking and is perfect for gatherings like kitties, birthday parties, etc.
  • Anvita’s sense of humor doubles after eating good food.
  • I can sleep while driving if I am food-drunk. *not proud*

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