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  •  January 12, 2014

Go into your kitchen; make an Apple Pie and….dip in your finger! Wicked? Actually, our women have been doing so since ages. No, not ‘actually’ dipping fingers all into the yummy Pies but contributing in many spheres of life. ‘Finger in the Pie’ is an expression which means putting your efforts & to be involved in something like in Pie of Relationships with family & friends, Career & growth, Society & Self-development.

Nayaab Jewels thought to focus women in social endeavors at the beginning of Jaipur Women Blog. We chose ‘Finger in the Pie’ campaign & it has a simple justification – to acknowledge our Jaipur ladies for their contributions & successes for which they deserve appreciation at that to tease the perception of society towards women. We selected 23 women Pie-o-Neers who we think best represent the women-power present in our city.

Exclusive photo shoots & interviews were done for all 23 women using total of 161 ideas & objects for 7 questions each. We let their fingers do all the talking and in the stories you will find how their answers & suggestions are demonstrated using the stills of their fingers against Pies background and creative objects made of Pie-ingredients.

Wait…before you jump onto reading their wonderful fables; make sure you read the making of the whole project and what ‘adventures’ our poor team went through. Phew!

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