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Wow, Look At Actress Aditi Rao Hydari Dancing To Celebrate Womanhood

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  •  March 9, 2016


This International Women’s Day, BLUSH, a lifestyle channel for women released a video expressing Aditi’s thoughts about womanhood.

In the video, a voice-over sounds like a conversation between her and the makers of this video.

At one point, she can be heard talking about her past, “Why past? Why not the present? We’re so hung up with the past, and sure my past and relationships have shaped me, but isn’t it all about today and how I live now? Don’t you think as women or as people in general, we dwell too much on our history: our regrets, our mistakes, our heartbreaks? And somewhere we forget to love ourselves as we truly are. We tend to play our bygone lives over and over in our heads, like a movie on loop, not realising that this moment is getting over.”

Watch the video below:

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