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Business Lullabies Story 3: Little Rehan Becomes IT Expert Telling Corporate To Treat Working Mothers With Equality

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  •  September 2, 2015


Rehan was one notorious child in the whole lot. He and his working mommy participated in our campaign ‘Business Lullabies’ in association with SHEROES & DPS, Jaipur.

Rehan, along with his 4 little friends, gave a remarkable presentation in front of SKODA, Jaipur staff, telling all the corporate offices in India to never underestimate the power of a working mother.

Rehan took the responsibility of IT department telling how mommies, like swift technologies nowadays, are growing non-stop. Rehan told everyone how a mother acts like a domain in her life while every other thing is dependent on her – be it her home or workplace. At home she is like an e-commerce host who is responsible for the nurturing, management and growth of her baby. At work, she is supposed to handle a team of technicians and computer wizards.

So why let her feel down after she returns to work post pregnancy?

Why don’t we acknowledge her as the hub of everything around us?

No doubt, a mother is the epitome.

Vinita Badlani, Rehan’s mother, is a businesswoman. She herself runs an online business, at that takes care of the naughty Rehan. But no matter how much he annoys his mother at home, during the presentation he had the best of advises to share with SKODA’s IT department.

He said, “Let us have some serious talk about the ‘Hosting Guide’. Every working mother must be provided with equal pay, equal leadership opportunities along with flexible timings…just like internet signals reaching out to each station equally.Okay?”

“Aye aye, Captain!” replied everyone in the attendance.

All this while, Rehan surprisingly kept a cool. Vinita was caught whispering, “Maybe it’s the power of so many smiles and lots of encouragement around him.”

Err…but there was also a moment when our IT expert, Mr. Rehan, forgot the finale sentence he was supposed to deliver. Confused, he looked at us, his assistants. We quickly pointed at the slide that was showcased on the wall behind him. Thankfully, he resumed back in a jiffy. (Kids are brilliant in image-reading, you see!)

So here’s the concluding phrase that Rehan spoke out loud and clear asking his audience, “Do all of you agree to vote for Hosting Mommy’s Life on grounds of equality?”

The spectators raised their green-arrows in approval.

So listen up mommies ‘worldwide’, there is nothing that can stop you. Let us together make efforts to change the stigma and bring positive changes in the corporate guidelines supporting women who return to work after maternity leaves!

Photo courtesy: Shashank K Tyagi

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