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Jayati Godhawat

JWB Blogger

Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur’16: Mentors Pay Forward Through Their Stories

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  •  March 4, 2016


Vital Voices Global Mentoring Walk Jaipur 2016, organized by  Flag Bearer Archana Surana will take place tomorrow at Central Park from 7:30 am onwards. This walk is aimed at women empowerment and their advancement in all domains through mentoring.

Geraldine Laybourne, an American media icon, founder & former CEO of Oxygen Media, introduced the concept of the Global Mentoring Walk. She conducted morning walks to empower young women in the States. She once said,

“Why is it that so many of us did well? Because we had a mentoring outlook. We helped each other along.”

So true!

Ms. Laybourne has been a mentor of Archana Surana too.

JWB attended the press conference session and spoke to the mentors about their experiences of the mentoring walk and their expectations this year.

In the past two days, we shared the motivational stories of many mentors. We present you with the last chunk of our conversations with the empowered women.

Dr. Rimi Shekhawat

I am a Dentist and the Jaipur President of Indian Dental Association. It’s my fourth year of participation as a mentor in the walk. The platform given by Archana has enriched and empowered many other women of the city including me. Through peer mentoring sessions, the mentors to share their wisdom and help each other. Mentoring Walk and Women’s Mentoring Forum help women spread their wings and enhance their avenues. Mentors and mentees come together and share their stories to inspire and motivate each other to lead a fulfilling life. We stay in touch with our mentees after the walk too. Three of my former mentees still seek personal and professional guidance from me.

Sunita Mehra

I have been participating as a mentor in the mentoring walk since the first walk in Jaipur. I am a yoga expert, a national athlete, and a golfer. Many women enquire about being a yoga trainer. I believe it’s a very good time to have a career in this field as there’s so much scope for innovation. But what I always emphasize on is good health and proper hygiene. Also, I advise everyone to take up a sport after the age of 50. It keeps the enthusiasm and energy high. Engaging in any sports, helps in reducing stress levels, and work wonders for one’s health.

My mentor has been Mahendra Chippa. His mentoring and support has helped me become what I am today. And, that is what I thrive to achieve through mentoring other women. I want to help them in bringing out their best and feel confident in self.

Manisha Gulyani

I am a Kathak dancer, and this is my first time as the mentor. I am very excited to be a part of it and would like to thank Archana Ma’am for giving me this opportunity.

This initiative is to empower women and to pay forward. As it’s my first time, I am looking forward to the experience. I am learning from the fellow mentors, and gaining their insights. This will be a great platform to build relationships with women on a personal as well as professional front. I believe, Mentoring Walk is blossoming and propagating sisterhood.

Archana Jain

This is my 5th year as a mentor, and I am a dietician & weight management consultant. Last year, my mentee was an architect. She was worried for her marriage. I helped her personally and suggested some suitable matches. This is the kind of relationship mentors and mentees share. We help our mentees in all our capacity. We have to develop friendship and have to become comfortable with each other, only then can we open up about our insecurities and issues.

Many women also come for counseling regarding the balance of work, home, and their health. Sadly, most women relate weight not to their health, but to their size. I always tell them that being thin is not being healthy. People should focus to be healthy and not just on reducing weight. But yes, if weight is the cause of your problems, then it is necessary to shed some kilos.

Mentoring gives the opportunity to the established and accomplished women to pay forward and invest in the future of women, to nurture them so they can achieve their dreams.

We all are geared up for the Mentoring Walk tomorrow. Are you?

Don’t miss our updates on the walk tomorrow.

Yay! Let’s do it!



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