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  •  March 22, 2014


Within Campaign ‘Short(s) Talk’ that target to cover up generation gap issue, we will select one mother-daughter duo who share strong arguments on almost everything.

The selection will be done with the help of our Media Partner 94.3 MyFM who will introduce and invite such pairs to register. Later, all the registered pairs will be interviewed over telephone and based on their compatibility one winner mother-daughter pair will be chosen. This mother-daughter duo will then be invited at , who supported the campaign, to display all the new bond between them with better understanding and whole-hearted acceptance.

The mother will be asked at to choose 3 styles she wants her daughter to wear. Similarly, the daughter will choose 3 styles for her mother which she wants Mom to try! This will surely provoke argument between the two upon each other’s fashion sense. And here we are, with support of Soma Blockprints’ Fashion Adviser and our Media Partner 94.3 MyFM.

Together we will try to change this argument into a healthy discussion while helping them expand their vision and embrace the differences with a loving heart. Fashion Counselor from will give independent assessment on the fashion choice of the both while explaining relevance of the selection and inspiring them for more flexible and receptive outlook on each other . Also, both mother and daughter will get  TWO RS. 2000 CASH VOUCHERS to be redeemed !

The whole campaign will be covered on our blog talking about different perceptions between 2 generations of women. With this campaign, we vision to help every mother and daughter master their relationship with each other.

So if you and your mother/daughter want to participate, tune in to from 12 noon to 1 pm (starting March 21-23) and follow to participate and win!

Visit Soma: A 5 – Jamnalal Bajaj Marg, C’Scheme, Jaipur.

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