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SHORT(s) TALKS: overheard and shared!

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  •  March 22, 2014


Today we have overheard few conversations happened just next door, maybe in your neighborhood – but for sure they happened in our city Jaipur. These conversations were quite short between mothers and daughters. Let’s call them ‘Short(s) Talks’, for the reason you will just get after reading them.

With this campaign we want to turn each such short conversation into effective dialogue coming over the rigidness of two different generations. Together with and our , we will cover up the generation gap into a happy bond between mother and daughter. Read how to become a part of this campaign here and win two Rs. 2000 Cash Vouchers from

Mrs. Shruti Bhatnagar (mother, age 40 yrs) & Shubhangi Bhatnagar (daughter, age 16 yrs) registered their entry with 94.3 MyFM and shared their argument with us:

Shruti: You love wearing short length dresses which I don’t prefer at least not in every season. Few days back also, during the Golden jubilee celebration of your grand parents, you were adamant on wearing a knee length dress. It was a family function, for God’s sake.

Shubhangi: Mom, finally I wore what you wanted me to wear – a looong gown.

Shruti: So you didn’t love that?

Shubhangi: I did. But now in the coming family wedding reception, let me wear my choice. We all have decided that ladies would wear gown or maxies.

Shruti: What? No, I am happy with my hand-crafted saree. You keep your westernization to yourself and don’t implement on the home-ladies. BTW, dare you shorten your school skirt now?!

Shubhangi: hmm.

Shruti: What hmmm? Don’t laze around. You have started gaining weight. You are young, tone up your body a bit. All you do is watching movies on laptop.

Shubhangi: Mom, I have another interesting target rather than this – to watch 100 movies in holidays after exam. Haha.

Shruti hopes to win and gets a chance to enter the final stage of the campaign (know more about it) when both mother and daughter will be creating fashion styles for each other at Soma Blockprints Designer store.  She says she will choose a knee length frock or midy and cotton tops for summers for her daughter Shubhangi that too fitted according to her body shape.

Mrs. Sudha Agarwal (mother) & 20 years old Shalu Agarwal (daughter) share their short(s) talk with us:

Sudha: See, again you are indulged with your mobile phone rather than talking to me. Show me with whom you are chatting.

Shalu: Mom!! It is a friend, she is asking about the class today that she has missed!

Sudha: Whatever. Go inside and study for God’s sake.

Shalu: Mom, I had my semester exams just a week ago. There is nothing much to study as of now.

Sudha: Come and help me with the house-chores. I am really tired. You must learn how to maintain things at home.

Shalu: Aargh! Why do you want me to do something every time? Can’t I sit idle and have a good talk with my friends over the phone. I need peace.

Sudha: Peace? Fine, do it. But then don’t come crying to me a day before your exam.

Shalu goes to college, and when asked what look she would like to pick from Soma Blockprints Designer Store for her mom, if she becomes a winner, she quipped: “A sleeveless knee-length kurti with sequin work & leggings!”

Mrs. Renu Jain (mother) & 19 years old Akansha (daughter) talk short(s) and we caught it here:

Renu: Why do you go to your tuition with your teacher? After all, he is a male and you are so young! Don’t be too friendly with him & draw boundaries. You have so many friends, go with them. And I learnt that you were going to watch ‘Ragini MMS 2’ today with friends? NOWAY.
Akansha: Mom, I am not a kid. I am a grown up teenager. You have already killed my night-out plan so now I am going for the movie. Waise bhi abi nahi dekhi to kab dekhenge?

Renu: What do you mean by that? You better concentrate on your studies rather than such movies. You are not an adult.



Akansha: Anyways, let me show you my beautician skill. Let me experiment on you. What do you want – a facial, manicure, pedicure, waxing….

Renu: No thanks. I can do better myself. Your hand-strokes are not good. I don’t know what did you learn in that beautician course.


Akansha loves her mom a lot and says if she wins this contest, she will choose a churidar-anarkali with beautiful prints from Soma Blockprints Designer Store for her lovely mom. 

Mrs. Rita Soni, mother of 19 year old daughter Komal also registered herself for our new campaign- Short(s) Talk, and here the argument has exploded:

Komal: Maa, I do not like your old fashioned hair style, the same braiding. Its been years that you are wearing this hairstyle. Please try something new.

Rita: But I’m more comfortable in it so let it be this way. Moreover, I change the style occasionally while going to any party or something!

Komal: yeah, you don’t trust my style taste. Remember how I pushed you to wear Jeans when you were saying no-no! Now, you love wearing them because they are comfortable.

Rita: Yes, Jeans is something I enjoy wearing. And you better stop wearing those short dresses. I agree you are today’s generation and are broad minded, but think about the society as well.

Mrs. Rita was asked what she would choose for her daughter from Soma, if she won, she replied: “Since my daughter is tall, I would choose a floor length anarkali for her from Soma.”

If you too sometimes talk short(s) with your mom or daughter, get into this campaign! Read how!

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