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Ruchika Beri

Tarot Reader

Reflecting Back On The Year 2015

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  •  December 21, 2015


For some of us 2015 has been a very rough and hard year. As some of us have gone through terrible break ups, some of us have fallen out of friendships, some of us may have event lost a loved one.

Well, 2015 has also been a year of full of hopes, people are not giving up. It has been a year to forgive oneself and others. It is also time to let go of unwanted and negativity.

Ruchika Beri (in this case me) from Tarot encounters shares some beautiful messages from her Inner Peace Cards (by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer) as an attempt to bid adieu to 2015.

Ruchika Beri- Tarot encounters

Hold on to your breath and let’s unveil these messages. The first and crucial message (of 2015) is I release all feelings of worry and guilt. Throughout life, we keep combating two emotions i.e. guilt of what has been done and worry about what may happen. One should stop thinking or churning gray cells and show concern about past and future. The time is now, so live it fully.

As 2016 is just a door away, and we are bidding farewell to 2015, we should treasure all the experiences we have had this year (good or bad, doesn’t matter). Each experience that has come our way was necessary. Because, without these experiences, we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are now.

Inner Peace Cards

Let the end of 2015 be what motivates you to be, where you wish to be in 2016. As now is the time to step out of 2015, and embrace the new hopes, beginnings of 2016.

Create 2016 with your positive thoughts that will then turn into reality as the onset of 2016 will be a blank canvas, paint it your way.


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