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The “Taks” ChEAT their Dal Bati With Aditi Mehrotra

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  •  November 16, 2015


We all have our weaknesses. For most of us it is food. We just have to wait for someone to remind us how hungry we are and we forget about dieting for a gazillion years until our tummies explode! Shahi kebabs, butter chicken, chocolate truffle cakes, waffles with nutella, maggi noodles, french fries, and… drooling already, are you?

Our lifestyles have been taking a hike down the calorie lane. Campaign “ChEAT with Aditi” is going to take a U turn to a healthy diet! On the occasion of World Diabetes Month, our favourite Dietician Aditi Mehrotra tells us our daily food mistakes.

Aditi becomes our nutrition educator talking about how one can lose weight without being stressed! Our awesome dietition is regularly quoted for her nutritional views in Readers Digest, Femina, The Hindu etc. Aditi kindly agreed to host this “fun” health game with us!

We have an entire schedule ready for how we’re going about our diet plan!

Meet our Family number 1 – The Taks! The chirpy, foodie, and fun family have their daughter hopping around, dressed like the modern princess! Ruhi and Karan are completely in love!

So they rightly say that way to the husband’s heart is through his stomach. Right, Ruhi? *Wink*

Karan’s Tattoo bears initials of both Hemashree and Ruhi

Love is in the air!

Here’s what Aditi had to say about their eating habits:

Meeting with new people from different cultures and backgrounds is always very exciting. I had a lovely introductory session with Ruhi, Karan and their upbeat daughter Hemashree. Their family consists of five members including Karan’s parents.

Each one of them has a specific dietary challenge based on their physiological needs. Karan’s father keeps a special check on his diet as he has gone through a Bariatric surgery recently. He has to be served non spicy light food every 2 hours. His wife enjoys spicy food and is quite active in the kitchen.

They aren’t dependent on cooks, and usually Ruhi cooks the meals. Ruhi is on a weight loss diet. She has voluntarily started making salads and soups for herself to lose her post-pregnancy weight. Ruhi has also joined Zumba classes to keep herself on the track.

Karan needs to work on his eating habits. His work at the showroom is mainly a desk job. After a heavy breakfast in the morning, Karan heads out to work and substitutes lunch with a lot of cups of coffee. That’s his Koffee With Karan? Our Karan is not at all fond of fruits.

Hemashree eats the same meals cooked for everyone at home, as a result of which she too has developed a liking for rich and spicy food. After having monitored their eating habits, we have prepared a fitting diet plan for them.

Phew! Now the next step is to take them shopping! Let’s see what they pick for their raashan paani.

Karan and Ruhi are going to compete against Family no. 2 in ChEAT with Aditi – The Gitais!

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