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Himanshu Roy

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This Mumbai Woman Makes & Sells NaMo Soft Toys To Earn A Living

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  •  September 17, 2016


Hey, would you like to play with a NaMo doll? Now, you must be thinking that what kind of a bizarre question this is, but for Mumbai-based Amita Gupta, selling soft toys looking like prime minister Narendra Modi is the way to earn her living.

As we all know, soft toys are cuteness overloaded and are very popular with people of all age groups. But when Amita, a businesswoman who runs a toy manufacturing unit from home saw one of the campaigning speeches of Modi back in 2014, she was struck by the future PMs ‘charisma’.

That is when this idea of making soft toys looking like Narendra Modi came to her mind. Today, the products made by her are available on e-commerce websites such as Snapdeal and Amita is raking in some big moolah by selling them.

Clad in his regular Kurta Pajama and trademark orange Nehru jacket, the toy Modi looks dapper and has high demand among the public.

The dolls were released just before the 2014 elections and believe it or not, in no time it started selling like hot cakes.

The demand became so high that Amita actually had to take them off the website for some time so that she can make more dolls. It takes at least two days to make one such doll.

So far she has sold more than 400 dolls under the banner of Tickles Toys.

The description of the toy says that it is ‘huggable and loveable for someone special.’

Amita also gets some much-needed help from her husband Raju who is an attorney by profession but is ever eager to take up the role of an occasional toy-maker.

Now, this is just another example as to how people can just turn any random idea into a full-fledged industry if they have the zeal to work hard towards it.

Way to go Tickles Toys!

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