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Komal Panwar


This Restaurant’s Special ‘Kids Menu’ Will Make Dealing With Them Easier

  • JWB Post
  •  October 3, 2016


There. I said it. Kids are irritating. They’d pull your hair out, cry for no reason, refuse to listen to the voice of reason for something that they JUST WANT FOR NO REAL REASON!

Well, so, this really cool restaurant knows that kids can be a pain when they suddenly decide they don’t want to eat anything,

Or, they want to eat the exact thing that their parents tell them not to. This deli compiled all the common phrases kids use and created a “kids menu.”

Have a look below:

If it won’t help the parents decide the menu for their children, it will at least give them a chuckle during the process. Man, these deli guys have some great sense of humor, right?

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