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Komal Panwar


5 Y.O. Girl’s Parents Discover Horrific Drawings Of Sexual Assault

  • JWB Post
  •  October 22, 2016


A five-year-old girl, who didn’t understand the meaning of sex was horrified and sexually assaulted by the hands of a priest. 

Her parents discovered it when they saw drawings of her terrifying experience.

The priest, Joao Da Silva, 54, has been arrested for sexually assaulting the child, who was a student in his class.

The little girl was consistently refusing to attend the priest’s class, and that’s how the parents found out. She was devastated and was taken to a psychologist who advised the parents to search the room for what was instigating the strange behaviour in her.

Her parents found six heartbreaking pages among her books, showing an aroused man looking at a scared child.

I think this is a lesson for all of  us who often ignore the strange reactions of children. Do you agree?

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