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Komal Panwar


You Will Be Surprised To Know Who Parveen Babi Left All Of Her Will To

  • JWB Post
  •  October 24, 2016


Parveen Babi had passed away in 2005 following diabetes. Eleven years later, the Bombay High Court has finally passed her will.

Parveen had left 80% of her properties to the empowerment of the underprivileged women and kids who belonged to the community she was born in Junagarh.

She had left 20% of her will solely to her uncle Muradkhan Babi who presented the will to the court soon after her demise. Her paternal relatives, since obviously taken aback, stated that the will was in fact, fake.

Her estate included “a sea-facing, four bedroom flat in Juhu, a haveli in Junagarh, some jewelry, deposits worth Rs. 20 lakhs and other investments.”

It’s beautiful how Parveen thought of the underprivileged when she was writing the will. I guess that gives a brand new angle to humanity, doesn’t it?

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