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Drishti Bodhraj Premprakashi

JWB Intern

Agneya Singh and JWB Tweet Over The Official Indian Release Of ‘M Cream’

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  •  July 4, 2016


Agneya Singh is all set for the Indian release of his film ‘M Cream,’ which is India’s first stoner movie.

He directed the film at the mere age of 24 in 2014.

*Gapes and hopes no one noticed*

M Cream is a story of Figs, a cynic from DU, who embarks on a journey with three of his friends to Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh to find ‘M Cream,’ a mythical form of the hash.

“Hash is hugely popular among the youth and on campuses. It’s a counter-cultural movement sweeping our country where the youth is pushing the limits of society and rebelling against social, economic and political uncertainties,” said Singh in an interview with India Today.

The movie was already passed by the Censor Board with an A certificate and a minor cut thanks to the former chairperson, Leela Samson. Singh has, therefore, decided not to go through the CBFC formalities again.

I spoke to Agneya over the phone to ask him if he was comfortable with an interview on a social media platform and he agreed to do one over Twitter. So, this was our very first Twitter interview!

Here’s what he had to say. *Drum roll*



Such punny, much wow. No, seriously. It was punny.









I think I was a little too excited. I had started typing in the questions even before he’d finished answering them.




















Talking about the real issues now.






See what he did there? He picked up on my style of writing, continued!








Honestly, it was kinda cool to interview someone with such amazing ideas and achievements. That too, on Twitter. So that was new. You know what’s cooler? One of the female protagonists, Auritra Ghosh, was following the conversation this whole time!

So, his film is all set for its official Indian release this 22nd. We hope his film M Cream receives all the recognition it deserves and more. He’s here, and he’s ready to change the face of Indian cinema.

I really look forward to watching this film, and I think that you should too. #CreamOn guys!

P.S. You can watch the trailer here!

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