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Komal Panwar


Here’s How JWB Bid Goodbye To The Final Bundle Of Love For Kashmiris

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  •  October 26, 2016


When I was five, I was too good at buying those Rs. one, two, and five stamps. My father taught me how to communicate with the bhaiya ji sitting on the other side of the window. I had to stand on my toes so that my hand could reach the edge of the window. Phew, the struggle was real.

A couple of days back, I faced a similar kick. Only this time, I was holding hundreds of postcards with emotional messages. So beautiful that extending my hand to give them to the Post Master became tough. All I wanted to do was read and re-read those beautifully weaved words written by the students of Seedling School, Jaipur.

JWB, along with , is inviting all of you to join the campaign #SunnZaraKashmir in which we are sending love to the people of war-torn Kashmir who are going through a tough time. Along with our Jawans, it is the people of this valley who can’t enjoy sound sleep and well-cooked food every day. The constant attack is the only routine they are accustomed to, nowadays.

Earlier this month, we sent countless postcards written by the adorable kids of The Palace School, Jaipur. Sentences like ‘We understand your pain’, ‘Keep your hope-filled hearts lightened’ and wishes such as ‘Happy Diwali’ are, probably, what most of the Kashmiris currently yearn to listen to.

JWB believes that it’s not just the physical presence that matters. Telling someone in need that we’re there with them in spirits is equally crucial. With this, we hope to make a small yet impactful change in the way we think as a nation. Are you with us? All you have to do is post a message or video with a message to the people of Kashmir on Facebook/Instagram using the hashtag .

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