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Komal Panwar


JWB Contest Alert! Help Your Maid Win A Silver Panna From Sanskriti!

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  •  October 27, 2016


To me, Diwali is all about diyas filled with mustard oil, the sky lit up with fireworks, eating up all the sweets, and having breakouts the next day. Tehehe. But, most of all, Diwali is Goddess Laxmi.

Do you ever think of who could be the Laxmi in our home? Yes, we acknowledge Goddess Laxmi during Diwali, but we fail to realize that she’s been there all along.

This Laxmi may not be dressed in a beautiful attire, or be laden with expensive jewelry, or even offered laddoos for that matter. Do you know who she is?

She is the maid, the babysitter, the caretaker in your home. She fills your home with prosperity, happiness, and contentment. Thinking about it now? It’s true, isn’t it?

JWB along with Store are giving you a chance to make this Diwali happy, prosperous for that Laxmi in your life.

Let’s return the favor of your maid’s love today. Write a beautiful message for your maid and send us a selfie with her. Post the selfie on !

The most interesting selfie will win a silver ‘panna’ from . Add shine to the life of the Laxmi in your home (i.e. maid, caretaker, babysitter and more).

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  • JWB along with the brand Jewel Saga bring you a selfie contest inspired by the campaign AidToMaid.