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JWB Meets Kritika Parwal Who Magically Grows Tomato From Paper

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  •  May 30, 2016


I’m going to use a kick-ass quote that is relevant to all of us, men/women of Jaipur. They say ‘bagal me chora, sheher me dhindora.’ We span through big cities to meet talented people, and in the process forget how much potential our own Pink City keeps.

And so, when I heard that there’s a wonder-girl in Jaipur who has sold over 7.5 lakh sheets of A4 size, I was blown away. The catch is that these sheets aren’t normal pieces of paper, they have Jack’s beans.

You can plant this paper!

Kritika Parwal, founder of Tomato & Co., created the concept of seed paper and was the first speaker at Josh Meets Jaipur.


I had been still studying in the US when I had a task to come up with a solution for one of my classes. Now, we all know, Jaipur is pretty popular for handmade paper manufacturing, so I pitched forward the idea of seed paper, theoretically, though. They all loved it! After I had graduated, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, though I also wanted to give back to the society. As fate had it planned, I happened to meet a brand manager from Kissan at a party. I shared my concept with him. The next morning I showed him how it would be done. In no time, I started producing small samples in Sanganer. Eventually, the plants grew, and my plan became a success. The name Tomato & Co. is derived from its first ever seed paper which was a Tomato.

The paper needs first to be shredded and put inside a pot of soil with about half an inch layer of soil on top. If you water it regularly and leave it out in the sun, the sapling will appear in about 10-15 days.

Anyway, we slowly started to supply this paper to organizations, and many accepted it with open arms. The best part about this paper is that there is a certain curiosity that lingers in the mind of every person that OMG we’ll plant a paper, and it will grow? How is that possible? That interest makes sure that when they take the paper, they bury it in a pot and produce fruit.

What a wonderful concept! If only I’d come up with such an idea! Tehehe. Anyway, it’s amazing to see a Jaipur girl taking an initiative to follow her dreams and protect the environment at the same time.

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