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JWB Thanks Real Estate Builders This International Men’s Day

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  •  November 19, 2015


Happy International Men’s Day, dear Jaipur men!

We love you for being so awesome to all of us.

Today, we’re personally thanking men from various fields. So far we’ve met & thanked a Biker, A Fitness Trainer, A Rapper, A Police Officer and an Auto-wallah. Let’s shake hands with some noble Property Dealers of Jaipur, shall we?

When you gotta thank your bro, you gotta dress like him. So here I was, all dressed up like a Property Dealer. A dramatic version, though.

Imagine a Rohit Shetty film and think of a badass Builder getting down his envious BMW and coming towards you. Loose shirt, black pants, 4 mobile phones in both his hands, gold chains (too many to count), innumerable gemstone rings adorning every single finger. *Whistles echoes in the theatre*

I know, I know, I look like a hunk.

But this hunk gotta do some serious stuff now.

I met my buddy builders including Rahul Bhandari from Casa 9 Villa Project. What an excellent property, I must say. Rahul showed me around the villa and explained the concept behind each room’s design.

with Casa 9 team

His team was his reflection, genuine. They took me around the site, showed how the cement and bricks are turned into warm and pleasant homes.

I am super impressed with the girl in his team. I also noticed how this ‘only’ woman in his team is respected by all the moustaches around her. She took the charge to explain me the technicalities of Casa 9 Villas using a map.

With Rahul Bhandari

Before leaving, I had final words with my buddy Bhandari as he told me about why Casa 9 is perfect for a working woman. “The house has got food-serving counters in the kitchen for a quick breakfast session. The modular kitchens face the front lawn so that the busy mommy can keep an eye on the naughty kids! Hah! The windows are huge so that the couple can relax in those 15-minutes of evening tea-break while enjoying the scenic beauty outside,” explained Rahul.

And immediately I told him how proud I am of him and his intentions. Who would have thought that builders are like this, too? Who?

So here’s my token of gratitude to Rahul and many builders like him who take utmost care while designing homes, keeping women in mind.

Here’s how I thanked him with this letter that reads:

Dear Mr. Property Dealer,

It’s the occasion of International Men’s day, and on this day we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for everything awesome you do for women. Thank you for finding the right apartments for female students when they move out to unknown cities. Thank you for remembering to ensure safety check

Thank you for not taking away properties of women who are recently widowed, and helpless. Thank you for showing clear ways of investment to working women.

Thank you from your bhai,

Jaipur Women Blog

Do you have a man to thank who has contributed to women’s well-being? Write to us and we will make sure to put out his story on our website in our all new rubric ‘Jaipur Men’! Tada!

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