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OMG! This Father Worked SO Hard To Make His Daughter’s Dream Come True

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  •  October 25, 2016


When your father is a photographer, there are perks to it. And, 3-year-old Nellee is even more fortunate to have a super cool dad such as Josh Rossi, who made her dream to become Wonder Woman come true.

Apparently, Neellee got completely swayed away by the trailer of the upcoming Wonder Woman movie (Gal Gadot looks absolutely gorgeous) and seeing her reaction, dad Josh felt that a Wonder Woman costume for the little one for Halloween would be great!

So, just as the idea crossed his mind, Josh was ready chalking out the plan that would end up with Nellee looking the mirror image of the superhero, courtesy the fool-proof planning of her father.

From creating a handmade leather Wonder Woman costume customized especially for Nellee to spending months before the shoot in preparation, Josh did everything in his power to make his daughter’s dream come true.

When we see the final product of the two-hour-long photo shoot, you will see sheer preciseness and resemblance with actual scenes from the movie!

The photo-shoot might have taken an entire day to complete, but the planning began way in advance.

And the best part? The entire family was involved. Even as Josh was busy sorting out the costumes and getting the studio prepared, his wife and little Nellee was watching the trailer of the movie, again and again, just to be sure that her expressions during the shoot match that of Wonder Woman in the film.

This shows that if you have an idea and the tenacity needed for seeing it materialize, the result will be impeccable.

Well done, Josh and Nellee, you give us some major #FatherDaughterGoals! Have a look, below:

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