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Akshita Rana

JWB Intern

Take ‘Sex’ Out Of Sex Education, Says HRD Ministry

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  •  October 25, 2016


At the time when the importance of sex education is highlighted everywhere, the Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has taken a step backwards.The HRD ministry has forced an expert panel to condense its recommendations on adolescent education to just one sentence because the original draft mentioned the word “sexual” twice. It is said that the committee had done this because they felt that the word “sexual” might have “offended” some people.

Now, the only reference to sex education in the final policy document is in the line, “The Adolescent Education Programme and National Population Education Programme need to be extended to all schools as early as possible.”

Interestingly, the HRD ministry website, in its description of the Adolescence Education Programme, reads, “Imparting authentic knowledge to learners about Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH) concerns…” is among the objectives of the National Popular Education Programme (NPEP).

Sad, isn’t it?

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