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Cyrus Edwin

JWB Intern

This 11 Y.O. Girl Is Literally Going Places With Her Bad-ass Jokes

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  •  October 18, 2016


I still remember the time when I was small. I used to hang around at dad’s parties, acting as if I was all grown up and was ready to sit with the boys.

And when tried to crack a joke, my dad would shoo me away, ‘’jab do badhe baat kr rhe ho toh baccho ko beech mein nahi bolna chahiye’.’ This shattered my dream to be a stand-up comedian. xD

But somebody’s dad encouraged his child not only to joke in front his boys but also in front of the entire world. Say what?

Saffron Herndon, 11 years old girl, is tearing up venues across America with her outrageously inappropriate yet undeniably hilarious comedy performances. Daughter of a stand-up comedian herself, told in an interview with boredpanda, “I think I have always liked to surprise people and make them laugh. My dad did stand up and would come home with stories about it, and it sounded fun. I was like, “I want to make a crowd of drunk people laugh.”

She has performed at many different festivals and shows. Her most recent performances include ‘Gilda Radner’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids, MI,’ ‘Dallas Comedy Festival’ and the ‘Amsterdam Comedy Festival,‘ both in Dallas, TX. and also at the ‘Out of Bound Comedy Festival’ in Austin, TX.

Winner of many awards, she secured the second position in the ‘East Texas Funniest Comic competition’ this year and at ‘NBC comedy competition’ as well.

Follower of comic heroes such as Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Diller, and Aubrey Plaza, when asked where does she see herself in ten years time, Saffron said, “Ten years will almost double my life. Hmm. I still want to do stand up. I would like to be on my tenth season of SNL. Definitely want to star in my own series. And lots of pets.”

With such a possession of comic timing and razor-sharp wit just at the age of 11, this kid literally going places.

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