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Priya Motiani

JWB Blogger

Sapna Punia RaceWalks Tonight At The Olympics! Jaipur, Are You Cheering?

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  •  August 19, 2016


Tonight, when the clock strikes 11, Rajasthan’s very own Sapna Punia will walk the Women’s 20km Race Walk at the Rio Olympics. With bated breaths, we here at JWB are cheering for her. 

Btw, did you know that Sapna’s strength is her husband Anil Singh Punia who also happens to be a former discuss thrower?

“What irritated me more was to see other sportspersons discouraging me. I could have given up had Anil not supported me. He has always stood like a pillar of support whenever I’ve needed it. He takes care of my diet, maintains a log of my calorie intake, sleep, and even keeps a tab on how much water I drink in a day .When I am not practicing, I love decorating my house. I am a cleanliness freak and sometimes when he gets irritated by that, he jokes that he’ll send me back to the ground to start training,“ said Sapna. 

Sapna Poonia’s husband Anil Singh Punia, a former discus thrower, said, “People would pass remarks, commenting on how a mother couldn’t perform well in sports. They said she should rather sit at home and focus on household chores. Of course, we felt demotivated, but if we had taken those comments to heart, we wouldn’t have made it where we are today.“

I am so glad that they did not take the comments and demotivation to their hearts! Today’s match is the reward for all of their struggle and hard work. Heartiest cheers and loads of luck to the couple!

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